Zimbabwe tobacco exports grows

Zimbabwe’s tobacco exports to the European Union in October registered a 45 percent growth for the month. The Tobacco Industry and Marketing Board’s statistics show that seasonal exports to the EU were 23 192 tonnes, which it said was 45 percent higher than in the same period last year. Exports to the Far East were 12 343 tonnes, 25 percent firmer than 2009 levels in the corresponding period.

China has bought 9 615 tonnes of Zimba-bwean tobacco since January 2010, representing a 32 percent increase from the previous year. Kenya, an emerging market, recorded a seasonal intake of 3 007 tonnes compared to only 79 tonnes in 2009.

However, South Africa remains the largest buyer of local tobacco, accounting for 6 035 tonnes, or 49 percent of the region’s total purchases.

Other significant volumes went to Sudan and Mozambique. The Middle East recorded a dramatic increase, with the United Arab Emirates becoming the third largest buyer of Zimbabwean golden leaf after the UK and China.

Dubai’s imports constitute 16 percent of the world’s total exports and 80 percent of the region’s consumption.